It’s a Your-Own-Device World!

Dr. Sally Lindgren, Coordinator of Technology

Yes, the 21st Century is really here, and the technology used to support 21st Century teaching and learning is beginning to impact some area schools. GPAEA District Technology Coordinators recently reported the status of their district’s implementation of what has been traditionally called a “1-to-1” Initiative.

A 1-to-1 initiative is a district-wide or school-wide or even a grade level specific program to provide each student with a mobile computing device. Sometimes the initiative might be referred to as a BYOD Initiative, that is to say, a “Bring Your Own Device” plan that allows students to use their own devices in the classroom. The device has traditionally been a computer laptop, or netbook. Over the past year or two, many school districts are now considering computer tablets as student learning devices. Tablets, such as the iPad or KUNO can potentially replace textbooks while maintaining the benefits of on-line digital resources, and learning specific interactivity through the use of many educational “apps” designed for use on tablet and other handheld technologies.

The GPAEA Instructional Technology Team includes two Instructional Technology Specialists, Lisa Jacobs and Seth Denney; one Assistive Technology Specialist, Marjorie Nash; and two Instructional Technology Coaches, Sue Kientz and Jane Trotter, that assist schools and work with teachers to integrate technology.

According to GPAEA District Technology Coordinators 10 GPAEA school districts are presently thinking about a 1-1 initiative, one district is planning for a 1-1 rollout next year, six school districts have or will be rolling out a 1-1 initiative this year, three districts are in the second year of a 1-1 initiative, and three districts have implemented a 1-1 initiative for three or more years. Some districts were not represented.

2012 Great Prairie AEA 1:1 Districts 

Year 1 Primary Device Grade Level
Albia KUNO 7-12
Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont PC laptop/tablet
Harmony PC laptop 7-12
New London MacBook 6-12
North Mahaska MacBook Pro 7-12
Winfield – Mt. Union iPads
PC mini tablet/laptop
Year 2 Primary Device Grade Level
Central Lee MacBook 9-12
Oskaloosa MacBook 9-12
Tri-County MacBook 4-12
Year 3 + Primary Device Grade Level
Cardinal (5) KUNO 6-12
Pekin (3) MacBook 6-12
Sigourney (4) MacBook 4-12

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