Children giving thumbs up signIn 1974, the Iowa Legislature created 15 Area Education Agencies to provide programs and services for local school districts to ensure all Iowa children have equal educational opportunities. Great Prairie AEA is one of 9 now consolidated Area Education Agencies.

Great Prairie AEA provides leadership and service to more than 36,000 students, 3,700 teachers and administrators in 33 school districts and 6 accredited, private schools across 6,360 square miles in Southeast Iowa. Great Prairie AEA’s programs and services are agency-wide focusing on improving student performance.

A nine-member Board of Directors, who are selected by local school boards, oversee the operation of Great Prairie AEA. The Board sets policy and ensures that all programs and services are implemented in a manner consistent with those policies and the approved budget of the Agency.

Learn more at www.gpaea.org

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