GPAEA PD Opportunity: Virtual NABE Slow Institute – Register by October 28

Great Prairie AEA is excited to be able to offer a virtual professional development opportunity for up to 50 educators who serve ELs (PreK-12 content teachers, EL teachers, administrators, special education teachers, etc) around the NABE Slow Institute. There is no cost for the renewal credit, but there is a $49.00 cost for NABE registration which can be reimbursed to districts through Title III. The course will consist of three Zoom meetings and 12 one-hour, pre-recorded sessions to watch and reflect upon. Registration ends on October 28th!

Joining is EASY!!

Step #1) Create an account and Register for NABE   ($49.00 can be reimbursed through Title III, talk to your district EL Coordinator)

Step #2) Register for FREE renewal credit or participation only. This step is required for Title III Reimbursement.
#190406 GP – NABE Slow Institute 2020
#294939 Video Conference October 28 2020
3 Course Requirements
Attend Zoom meetings.

  • October 28th 4:00PM-5:00PM – We will discuss course requirements, make sure everyone is registered through NABE at this meeting and prepare for the new learning.
  • November 23rd 4:00PM-5:00PM – We will reflect on our learning and discuss the sessions we have watched.
  • January 6th 4:00PM-5:00PM – We have final reflections for the remainder of the session and talk about implementation of learning

Watch 12 Pre-Recorded Sessions at your own pace: (You will have access after you register for NABE)

  • ELL: Equity, Language and Literacy with Lisha R. Almashy
  • Transformative Emotional Intelligence – Part 1 with Dorina Sackman – Ebuwa
  • Transformative Emotional Intelligence – Part 2 with Dorina Sackman – Ebuwa
  • What Washington is Doing for Our Leaders During the Crisis with William Rivers, Ph.D
  • Bilingual Education and Heritage Language Development in the Year 2020 with Stephen Krashan Ph.D. and Nooshan Ashtari Ph.D.
  • Engagement and Equity for Families and Communities from Involvement to Empowerment with Washington B. Collado Ph.D. 
  • Using Our Current Situation to Shift from Institutionalized Curriculum Towards Culturally Relevant Instruction  with Myrna Rasmussen, Lucy Montalvo, and Raul Alvarado
  • STEAM as an Innovative Approach for Dual Language and Sheltered Instruction with Esther Garza Ph.D., Myriam Jimena Guerra Ph.D., and Hsiaoping Wu Ph.D.
  • Maximizing Remote Student-Teacher Interactions with Alexandra Guilamo
  • Explicit Instruction for ELs with Disabilities with Liliana Salazar
  • Addressing the Socio Economic Needs of Gifted Children during COVID-19 with Nilda M. Aguirre 
  • La Fascinante Historia de Nuestra Lingua with Dr. Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel (The Fascinating History of our Language)

Fill out the Summary and Reflection Log by January 6th, 2021.

Let know if you have any questions about this opportunity.

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