Butterflies, STEM Scale-Up Awardees, & Wapello Elementary Grants

Tracy Jarrett, GPAEA Science Consultant

wapello teachers
Wapello Teachers Group Photo: Front L- R Leslie Small, Laura Daisy, Samantha Smith, Sara Jurgill, Dayna Kinsey.  Back Row L-R Jenna Dopler, Cari Cline, Teresa Good, and Beth Hines, not pictured Abby Shafer. 

Wapello Elementary teachers are growing in science. Kindergarten through fifth-grade teachers are participants in a grant with the University of Iowa. This grant has provided three years of professional learning through a partnership with GPAEA. 

The Science Writing Heuristic (SWH) is an approach to teaching science that centers around three big ideas: language, dialogue, and argumentation. These tools are used epistemically for learning in an environment that is equitable for all learners. Wapello Elementary teachers have come together each year for eight days of professional learning and collaboration with six other districts and their participating teachers at the GPAEA Burlington’s campus. This grant provided funds for their classrooms and opportunities for them to connect with other projects such as The Iowa Monarch Conservation through Iowa State University Extension and STEM Scale-Up Grants. These programs provide authentic learning opportunities for their students.  

“SWH has provided me with a framework for teaching Science.  My students are able to explore and guide the direction of our learning which has helped build a love for science in my classroom!” 

 -Teresa Good 

“SWH creates a classroom environment where ideas are debated and everybody has a chance for success – the emphasis is on understanding and practicing science not memorizing scientific facts. In other words, science learning becomes very personal.”

-Dayna Kinsey 

STEM Scale-Up Awardees: Teresa Good & Dayna Kinsey

Teresa and Dayna both applied and received two STEM Scale-Up awards for the 2021-22 school year. They are pictured with their Ioponics STEM Scale-Up station. Participants receive free materials, professional learning, and a stipend for their time. Dayna Kinsey is also participating in the Monarchs project and collaborates with the Louisa County Conservation which helps her students tag and release the monarchs.

2 thoughts on “Butterflies, STEM Scale-Up Awardees, & Wapello Elementary Grants

  1. It is really great to see Wapello teachers featured for all the learning and work they are accomplishing in order to enhance their student’s achievement and learning experiences. Congratulations on being honored in November’s Cornerstone!

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