3 Grand Champion Team Winners of the Next Top AAC Model Competition!

Megan Farrell, Assistive Technology Specialist

Congratulations to the 3 Grand Champion team winners with the Next Top AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) Model Competition!

Team Mediapolis: Leads…Emily Borrison, SLP & Karen Rosas, Sped Teacher

Team SunnySide Burlington: Leads…Erika Freeman, SLP & Bailey Wonders, Sped Teacher

Team West Burlington – Preschool: Leads….Diane John, SLP & April Marlow, Sped Teacher

Launched in February for schools who participated in PLO 2020, the goal of the competition was over the course of the remaining school year, to model* core vocabulary 100x/day across 6-8 daily routines of the school day. Here is an example from Team West Burlington – Preschool:

There were 9 total teams/classrooms amongst 6 school districts who had initial training in Project Core in the Spring of 2020 and in an effort to continue the momentum forward in 2021 AND to ensure communication partners at school were trained with evidence based implementation strategies, it was decided that a friendly AAC modeling competition was in order. 
Here’s a link to the competition details: GPAEA’S NEXT TOP AAC MODELERS

Winning teams received the heavyweight title of “GRAND CHAMPION” and will be awarded a customized all-weather, outdoor playground communication system to expand communication all day, every day, with every one and in all places – like the playground with peers! This robust communication system will be created by GPAEA’s Creative Services Department and is courtesy of the Iowa Speech Language Hearing Association Foundation (ISHA) Foundation Bingham Innovation Award.

Outdoor Playground Communication System

2 thoughts on “3 Grand Champion Team Winners of the Next Top AAC Model Competition!

  1. Wow! What an amazing project and what an amazing model for other schools!!! I’m not at all surprised to see who are winners were! Congratulations to all of these wonderful educators. I’ve felt very blessed to have the opportunity to work with them over the past few years and I’m excited to continue learning from them.

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