GPAEA Creative Services rolls out NEW ordering system as part of unified effort with Iowa’s AEAs

As part of a unified effort with all nine of Iowa’s AEAs, the Great Prairie AEA Creative Services department, formally Print Shop, is proud to roll out a new ordering system. The new system offers several benefits to our customers which include: 1.) the ability to retain a personal order history; 2.) an expanded array of products and sizes; 3.) faster re-orders; and 4.) the ability to view the production status of each order including a notification once complete. The system also estimates the cost of your order based on the information provided. (Please note that this is only an estimate.) 

When you are ready to place your next order, please begin using the new system and let us know about your experience! If this isn’t typically a heavy order time for you, we’d be happy to walk you through the system with previous orders in mind so that you have a sense of how it works. Simply contact Nils Guldberg, to schedule a time to Zoom and learn more. To assist you, we have created this set of directions and quick video tutorial to get you started.  Thank you for your continued partnership with Creative Services. We are excited to create for you in 2021! 

Nils Guldberg
Great Prairie AEA 
800-382-8970 or 319-753-6561 Ext. 1144

Please note:

  • GPAEA offices will be closed on May 31
  • Last Delivery Dates of school year: Week of May 17-20, 2021
  • Last Pickup Dates of school year: May 24-27, 2021

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