AEA Scout Gets a Fresh Look

AEA Scout is an online portal that houses many of the digital resources provided by Iowa’s AEAs such as AEA Digital Library, Britannica School, Gale and MackinVia. Scout recently got an interface update. This new version of AEA Scout includes many of the features teachers and students requested, a more intuitive navigation, a fresher screen display, enhanced note-taking and sharing features, a new reader, and search engine improvements. Below are a few sample screen shots.Adv Search.png

More of the screen is devoted to displaying search results.Sumary Pg (1).png

Click a resource from the search results list to go to the new summary page. The View and Add to My Folders features are side-by-side to make the two choice options more logical. Remember, if you add to a folder you have the option to personalize and add notes. You still have access to folders on the left. The hyperlink to the resource is above the title.

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 5.25.26 PM (1).png

Accessibility features. This is an example of a screen using some changes in font, spacing, style, background options found in the tool icons in the upper right corner.Jupiter.png

There’s a lot to see here. Breadcrumbs. Back arrow. View or Add to My Folders options side-by-side. Teacher’s notes are shown with the shared resource. Database source shown. You can click Add to My Folders and add a share resource.

Updated guidance tutorials that reflect the new interface/redesign are now located on the Iowa AEA Scout page.

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