Teacher Externship Opportunity from SCC & GPAEA

Great Prairie AEA is partnering with Southeastern Community College to offer credit for a Teacher Externship Opportunity this summer.

Educators will gain first hand experience in the workplace and then use that experience to make their lessons more relevant for their students.

4 applicants will be chosen to receive a $1000 stipend which will be distributed by SCC at the conclusion of the class. Contact Leanne Krogmeier, lkrogmeier@scciowa.edu for more information about the program or apply  for the grant online at https://www.scciowa.edu/scripts/thelink/summerexternapp.asp

To register for renewal credit through GPAEA use the registration links below. Let michelle.dickey@gpaea.org know if you have questions about renewal credit.

#201078 GP – Southeast Iowa Teacher Externship Program

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