Oskaloosa’s World of Work Program featured in AEA Learning Online Newsletter

From AEA Learning Online:

This spring, we are helping support Oskaloosa High School’s World of Work Program.  As a school-to-work program, the goal is to help students gain real-world workplace skills in an academic setting to better prepare them for a successful transition upon graduation.  One particular opportunity is skill training in being a para-educator, an opportunity for many high school graduates at schools throughout Iowa, immediately upon their graduation.

From Kristen Bandy, School-to-Work Coordinator for the World of Work Program:

The Oskaloosa High School World of Work Program is using the AEA Learning Online Para Educator modules to help Work Based Learning students become familiar with proper roles and responsibilities of an educator when working with students in a classroom setting.  The students will go through the self paced modules before entering the classroom in certain circumstances.

Interested in doing something similar?  Kristen designed a self-paced learning opportunity using the following modules off the AEA Learning Online Training System for teachers.

Para-Educator Roles and Responsibilities: Behavior
Para-Educator Roles and Responsibilities: Confidentiality
Para-Educator Roles and Responsibilities: IEP Review
Para-Educator Roles and Responsibilities: Supervision
Bloodborne Pathogens Training

She has access to monitor student progress through the modules and set her own deadlines.  And best yet, this real-world training is available to her at no cost and no development time.

Of course, para-education is not the only profession where we have career training available.  Another area that ties closely with our new professional learning courses is modules in healthcare.  AEA Learning Online features five career investigation modules that allow students to explore different employment opportunities within the healthcare industry.  Students will make connections between their interests, talents, and skills and healthcare occupations.

Find out more about that program here.  Contact Craig Mohr if you are interested in training opportunities for your students in other professions.

Click here to view the entire issue from AEA Learning Online.

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