FREE Calming Coloring Books for Grade 5-8 Students – Order now!

Iowa’s AEA Well-being Team has created calming coloring books for middle school-aged children. It’s part of a campaign to promote a new well-being and mental health website for Iowans created by the AEAs at If you would like to order some for your classroom, please fill out this form. They will be van mailed to educators free-of-charge.

The website came from a request by the state legislature to help educators, parents, and students navigate resources related to mental health and well-being in Iowa. In addition to AEA mental health contacts for the schools, the site provides contacts for the home setting from Iowa’s Mental Health and Disability Services (MHDS).

The website features vetted sources to educate visitors about addiction and substance abuse; anxiety and stress disorders; attention deficit disorder; depression; eating disorders; and self-harm.

Order Form Direct Link:


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