Seesaw for Schools Opportunity for 2021-22

To support the high usage of Seesaw for Schools across the state, Iowa’s AEAs are negotiating a statewide pricing model to reduce the costs for districts interested in utilizing Seesaw for Schools during the 2021-22 school year. By aggregating Iowa districts under one contract, Seesaw for Schools can offer their service for significant per student savings.  

Districts new to Seesaw for Schools or whose contracts expire before Dec. 2021 can opt in and be eligible for consortium pricing that includes a significant discount off of the standard $5.50 per student rate. (Districts who have prepaid subscriptions and are under contract past 2021 can transition their agreement and opt into the statewide pricing per student when their contracts are up for renewal. This can be coordinated through your AEA contact when they reach out to you.)

Next Steps:

  • Seesaw will be offering webinars for Iowa districts to learn more about Seesaw:

Learn More About Seesaw! 

Audience: Teachers 

Tuesday, March 16th at 4pm (CST)

Learn how thousands of teachers throughout Iowa use Seesaw to increase student engagement and build a powerful home-school connection. We’ll share examples of how Seesaw can be used to design activities, differentiate instruction and gain powerful insights into student learning. We’ll highlight how Seesaw is implemented across all learning environments, whether virtual, hybrid or in-person.  Registration is required.

Implementing Seesaw for Schools 

Audience: Building and District Leaders

Thursday, March 18th at 11am (CST)

Learn how districts throughout Iowa are implementing Seesaw for Schools to increase student engagement and build ongoing home-school connections. We’ll highlight how Seesaw gives students voice and choice in the ways that they share and reflect on their learning, whether in-person, hybrid or virtual. We’ll explore how districts align curriculum and standards to Seesaw activities and use the powerful administrator dashboard to engage with their community.  Registration is required.

  • If your district is interested in participating in this statewide purchase, please complete this initial interest form by March 30, 2021.  Districts who express interest will receive additional communications and details about the process in April.  
  • Your information will be shared with Seesaw, and each AEA will invoice each district to collect the annual license fee.

If you have questions about Seesaw or you are interested about your district’s current usage of Seesaw for Schools or the free version of Seesaw contact Ellen Teel,

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