Do You Need Help With That?

Sometimes asking for help can be such a struggle for some of us. And yet, we expect parents and students to ask questions when we might have trouble asking for help? Asking for help does not make us weak or unprofessional; it’s quite the opposite. We learn by asking questions. Most people are more than happy to help a student, parent, friend, etc., and yet we still sometimes hesitate in asking. Over the years, I’ve taken several calls from parents after an IEP meeting only to hear that parents/guardians needed more clarification, They didn’t understand or they misunderstood and didn’t ask any questions. Why didn’t they ask questions at the meeting? They didn’t want to be perceived as not understanding the Special Education language and didn’t want their question to seem silly. I always tell parents/ guardians to, “Ask questions.” “No question is a silly question.” In this crazy ever-changing world we’re living in right now, we need to remember that it’s ok to ask questions/for help. And, if you are being asked the question, it’s ok to say we don’t have the answer right now, but I’ll get back to you. We are all being hit with questions that a year ago we never imagined we would ever have to answer in our lifetime. Remember to ask questions with empathy, gentleness, mindfulness, and awareness, especially in those difficult conversations/meetings we all have from time to time. We’re all feeling a little overwhelmed these days, so don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. When you’re in class, chatting, or in a meeting always make families and students feel comfortable so they will feel safe in asking questions when they might need help.

Annette Clarahan

If you, or your families have questions that we can help with, let us know. Also, remember our Family and Educator Partnership (FEP) link on the GPAEA website has great resources for parents and educators.

Kelly Wallace
319-753-6561 ext. 3034 (vm)                                                                                     

Annette Clarahan
641- 682-8591 ext. 5517 (vm)

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