In Their Shoes

Annette Clarahan, Family Educator Partnership

In this world we’re living in today, emotions are running on high.  It’s easier to connect with people when we know they are human and have feelings too.   Let’s take a walk in the shoes of your parents/educators/students.  Go ahead, try them on.  How does it feel?  They may not be the style you would pick or your size, but we’re all different.  Some of us get to pick our own style of shoes and others may not (hand me downs, uniforms).  

It’s powerful when we walk in the shoes of other people and we see it from the other side.  While you are standing in their shoes, think about what that person has encountered to lead them to where they are now.  What experiences in life,  or challenges have formed their thoughts?  Before you take the shoes off,  take time to look at everyone around you.  If you take a moment to see life through another’s perspective, you just might change your own.  When we take time to do this, it always makes us better at what we do.  

So after you’ve walked in others shoes and find you’re still having issues, remember, we are here for you including our GPAEA Family & Educator Partnership (FEP) webpage. It’s up to date and ready to help you and your families find useful information.

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