Future Ready Spotlight (February) – Nancy VanWyk, Ottumwa

Laura Williams, 21C Learning Specialist

Nancy is the instructor of the communications and tech strand and comes with a background in project based learning. In C&T she merges Adobe products with marketing projects. Her ability to connect to students through team building and project management creates a compelling culture. #sparktank2020

This month’s Future Ready Spotlight, lands on Nancy VanWyk, an Ottumwa CSD Sparktank Instructor for the Communication and Technology program strand. “SparkTank is a project-based experience that connects students with local businesses and organizations. Students solve problems experienced in the real world and are provided authentic learning opportunities while becoming immersed in a professional culture.” In this program, Nancy spends afternoons coaching and motivating students to grow as individuals and develop professional skills, all while exposing students to potential career pathways through authentic, hands-on projects with area partnerships. Students learn a wide variety of skills and technical applications such as video editing and graphic design, using industry standard creation tools. Nancy is the perfect spotlight because not only is she leading young people in future readiness, but she has on countless occasions networked and shared with other teachers along the way. She is a true motivator, impediment crusher, and #changegent! 

Connect with Nancy at nancy.vanwyk@ottumwaschools.com  to learn more about project management protocols, working with area partners, developing school social media campaigns, and my favorite, her team culture building activities! 

Learn more about Sparktank at http://ottumwasparktank.com/  or follow them on social media @Spark_tank (Twitter), SparkTank Facebook or on Instagram to learn more about student projects!

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