2021-2022 Scale-Up Application OPEN thru March 5

Since 2011, the Iowa STEM Council has vetted high quality STEM programs available to Iowa educators in formal and informal education settings.  The 2021-22 Scale-Up Program menu has been released and educators can apply now thru March 5. The Scale-Up program menu ranges from coding programs to integrated mathematics, agriculture projects, STEM career exploration and more.

Common Questions:

Who can apply? PreK-12 cross-curricular educators, both in and out of the classroom, are eligible to apply. Eligible applicant(s) include public and private school PreK-12 teachers, youth organization leaders, informal education professionals, home school associations and others who deliver STEM education programming. The lead applicant may also be an administrator applying on behalf of an educator or a group of educators.

Can multiple educators be listed in an application? Yes. For example, if three fourth grade teachers from the same building are interested in applying for a program, all of the educators can be listed within one application.

I would like to apply but we have not hired the educator who would teach the program. No worries. The application allows you to put a “placeholder” in your application. Before implementing the program, however, the placeholder will need to be replaced with an actual educator.

Can I apply for multiple school buildings in one application? For districts interested in applying for multiple buildings, each building will need to have its own application but within the application portal, applications can be copied to make the process of applying for buildings across a district easier.  

I work with children in an afterschool program. Can I apply? Yes, educators from out-of-school programs benefit greatly from these programs. The summaries listed below identify which programs are best suited for an out-of-school setting.

What do the programs provide? Each program provides professional development and materials to implement the program. Some programs also provide an educator stipend, lodging and/or meals. More information about what is provided for each program can be found by clicking on the program title.

For more information about the process or the program menu, contact Kristine Bullock.


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