What Teachers/Parents Want

by Annette Clarahan, Family Educator Partnership

Teachers/Parents are working harder than ever right now to make sure all kids are getting what they need. Add to that, the pressure of not knowing from day to day how they will be teaching/learning (online, hybrid, face to face) tomorrow. This adds stress for both, teachers and parents.

       What Parents Want               What Teachers Want

Schools to be open – pre Covid eraSchools to be open – pre Covid era
To be a parent not a teacher To be a teacher (most are parents too)
To be able to help their child w/school workParent to be able to help their child w/school work as needed
Schools patience and understanding Parents patience and understanding
Access to teachers Access to parents
Appreciation for what they are doing Appreciation for what they are doing
Positive feedback from teachers Positive feedback from parents
Sympathetic to parents understanding of technologySympathetic to teachers understanding of technology
Child to have access to technologyStudent to have access to technology
Want what’s best for their childWant what’s best for their student
Parent feeling SupportedTeacher feeling Supported
I want to be a parent, not a healthcare workerI want to be a teacher, not a healthcare worker
Please be kind Please be kind 

Remember a parent/educator feeling “overwhelmed” can look like he/she is “disinterested” and/or “doesn’t care.”  Be careful not to label too quickly.

RESPECT Training

Remember, when a parent doesn’t respond right away they may be working the night shift, trying to help and coordinate with more than one child’s teacher.  When a teacher doesn’t respond right away, remember she/he is responsible for many children and may need time to get back to the parent.

At the end of the day, what we all really want is to be able to have kids do group work, eat lunch like we used to, laugh in the hallways, have incentive parties and everything that we once had in our schools. But, we also want students and teachers to be safe, happy, healthy and learning.  

We are all in this together now and in the future.

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