Microbits for Teaching Coding and Makerspace Projects

Lisa Jacobs & Seth Denney, GPAEA Instructional Technology Coaches

Microbits are small battery-operated circuit boards that students can write programs for on a computer or Chromebook. Beginners love writing code to make the screen (25 tiny led lights) spell out words and display simple pictures.  As their programming skills develop, students can create interactive games, connect to motors, or speakers, use the built-in light, temperature, and motion sensors. The devices also have a built-in radio feature so they can send messages to other Microbits or connect via bluetooth.  

Students can use block coding, Javascript, and Python programming languages.  There are many tutorials, lessons, and example projects available on this website https://microbit.org/.  

Here is a link to information for purchasing Microbits from Amazon.

Contact lisa.jacobs@gpaea.org or seth.denney@gpaea.org to schedule Microbit and Coding demonstrations for you and/or your students.

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