Distinguishing Between Disability and Language Acquisition: Steve Gill – April 13 & 14

Download PDF: DisabilityLanguageFlyer20191219-3

In this two-day workshop, participants will learn how to implement the ELL Critical Data Process and the corresponding matrix with Steve Gill, who developed it. This matrix will help teachers and consultants determine whether English learners may qualify for special education services (due to disability) or require more intervention (due to language).

The ELL Critical Data Process helps bring key staff members together to discuss how to best meet student needs and have a guided process that leads to a pictorial representation of their discussions.  Participants are encouraged to attend with a building team.

This course will also focus on understanding the relationship between our acculturation, belief systems, practices and results.

Register at https://aealearning.truenorthlogic.com/ia/empari/learning2/course/viewCourseSearch?courseId=180870

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