Authentic Learning/Clearinghouse for Work-Based Learning Course & Webinars

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 2.04.49 PM

Sept. 18-19 Authentic Learning and WBL Immersion
Ottumwa GPAEA (Room 21c) 9am-4pm

  • Register here. (Audit, Renewal, Grad Credit available)

Wednesday Authentic Learning Cohort
Wednesdays Online via Zoom from 2-4pm
Starts: 9-4-2019
Ends: 10-30-2019 (totaling 15 hours)

  • See agenda for specifics.
  • Register here. (Audit or Renewal credit available)

*Each Wednesday will focus on a particular question. Anyone may join for independent sessions without registering if you wish to learn more about a particular Wednesday’s topic.

Who should attend: Any K-12 Educator who is invested in creating more authentic learning experiences with local and statewide partnerships to allow for more student-centered learning and development of 21st-century skills while still meeting the demands of academic standards. Participants will be trained on using the new Clearinghouse for Work-Based Learning as well as project management techniques in order to support student learning.

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