Congratulations 2019 Retirees!

Congratulations and best wishes to Great Prairie AEA’s 2019 Retirees: Jane Broeg, Technology Secretary; Kathy Brown, Regional Secretary; Larry Chaplin, Repair Technician; Nancy Gutman, School Social Worker; Carol Kottenstette, Physical Therapist; Evan McCormick, School Improvement Consultant; Laura Miller, Speech-Language Pathologist; Tami Plein, Science Specialist; Brenda Reber, Regional Secretary; Bill Sheppard, School Psychologist; Nancy Sieber, Early ACCESS Service Coordinator; Susan Sturgill, Regional Secretary; and Penny Veldhuizen, Regional Secretary


GPAEA Retirement Celebrations


Laura Miller & Kathy Brown


Nancy Sieber & Bill Sheppard


Larry Chaplin, Penny Veldhuizen, & Brenda Reber


Evan McCormick, Tami Plein, Jane Broeg, Carol Kottenstette, Nancy Gutman, & Sue Sturgill

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