A Tip from FEP – OMG Meeting Magic

Iowa Family & Educator PartnershipShared by the GPAEA Family Educator Partnership

Great Prairie AEA FEP coordinators work with parents, educators, and local school districts to provide FEP programs, services, and activities; they are also parents of children or young adults with special needs. This month they wish to share insights from OMG Meeting Magic.

OMG Meeting Magic In Special Education
School Communication to Build Collaborative Family Engagement
by Carolyn S. Manard & Bradley D. Manard

Part I: Organize – Organize Prior Knowledge

Chapter 2 – Know Your Audience – Summary Points

  1. Use your resources to learn about the child and parents who will be attending (Internet, Student Information System, social media, staff members, etc.)
  2. Find a way to make a personal connection with the family that goes beyond the school setting.
  3. If there is a staff member who already has a positive relationship with the family, have them join the meeting as a bridge between the family and school officials.

Manard, C. S. and Manard, B. D. (2018). OMG! Meeting Magic in Education: School Communication to Build Collaborative Family Engagement

Contact Annette Clarahan or Kelly Wallace for more information about OMG Meeting Magic in Special Education at GPAEA Family Educator Partnership.

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