Update your Professional Learning Profile

AEA_learning systemPlease go to the AEA Learning System (training.aealearningonline.org) to update your Employment Information under your profile. This is important if you are trying to register for a course that is specific to your district.

To update your Employment information:

  1. Click on the Profile icon near the top of the screen
  2. Click the Employment Tab
  3. Are you employed by a district or AEA? Select “Yes”, if you are an employee of a district even on a substitute basis
  4. Select your District
  5. Enter the District Password provided by the District Administrator contact.
  6. Select Building, Position, Subject Taught, and Grades Taught (you may leave as Not Applicable)
  7. Then click Save Employment Info button.
Please note: Any changes you make in the AEA Learning System will take until the next business day to update as there is a nightly upload into the Statewide Registration System.

Contact Shannon Johnson or Michelle Dickey with any questions regarding updating your account. michelle.dickey@gpaea.org or shannon.johnson@gpaea.org.

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