Transition Resource Event at Fort Madison High School

Kate Cole, School Psychologist

What a successful event at Ft. Madison High School!

On April 25, FMHS hosted a Transition Resource Event for students and families. Transition services are provided to assist students in smooth transitions to postsecondary living, learning, and working based on students’ individualized interests and needs. This event included a panel presentation by local educators and service providers, with plenty of questions asked by audience members. Parents, students, and teachers engaged in conversations intended to build the success of their students, and connections were made between students and support opportunities to help them reach their goals.

FMHS students were involved in baking cookies for the event and creating the flier to invite families. A BIG “thank you!” to Abby (FMHS student) for emceeing the event!

Panel participants included: Aleena Garr (Vocational Rehabilitation), Lenae Greene (Iowa Works), Ryanne Wood (SEIL), Kelly Wallace (GPAEA Parent Educator Partnership Coordinator), Kate Cole (GPAEA Transition Coordinator), Angie Mickelson (SCC Disability Coordinator), Jillian Flanders (Job Corps), Mary Hofmann (Intermediary).

Way to go, Ft Madison High School Special Education teachers in supporting students and families!!
Don’t hesitate to contact the GPAEA Transition Coordinator and/or the Family & Educator Coordinator about how you can plan an event like this in your district!

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