December 1, 2017 Webinar: An Overview of FAST Screening and Progress Monitoring Tools for Math and Behavior


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​Presenter: Jay Anderson

FAST (Formative Assessment System for Teachers) by FastBridge learning was developed to provide a single solution to screen, analyze, monitor, and evaluate student performance in reading, mathematics, and behavior.

This presentation will help educators learn more about the math and behavior components of the FAST system including a demonstration of general navigation, administration and scoring, and FAST reporting capabilities. Information also will be shared on how Iowa districts may work with their AEAs to upgrade existing FAST access to include these additional assessment capabilities.

As you know, Iowa’s AEAs will subsidize costs for districts to upgrade their DE provided FAST subscriptions, making these valuable tools very affordable.  Districts taking advantage of this offer will gain access to all K-6 FAST application features, which includes additional functionality in the area of literacy and access to data warehousing, reporting, training and certification in mathematics and behavior

This webinar is designed specifically for Iowa districts interested in upgrading their existing subscriptions and expanding the suite of tools available for formative assessments.

Connect To the FastBridge Webinar*

December 1, 2017

9:25am – 10:30am

*webinar will be recorded and made available at a later time for those who are unavailable to join on Dec. 1

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