Heartland AEA is Piloting an Additional Course Option for Iowa Evaluator License Renewal

Heartland AEA with support from the Iowa Department of Education is pleased to pilot an additional course option for administrators and/or evaluators who want to renew their evaluator license. The Collaborative Leadership Institute is a two credit hour course that will be held on June 19-20, Oct. 3 and Dec. 5, 2017 at the Heartland AEA Regional Education Center in Johnston. The pilot is open to anyone in the state. Seating is limited to 50 people. Register for the course at this link.

Heartland AEA and Corwin partnered in the design of the Evaluator Approval Training pilot with the assistance of Peter DeWitt, Ed.D., and his work on Collaborative Leadership, which is grounded in the Visible Learning research of education expert John Hattie, on the most influential and impactful leadership practices shown to accelerate student learning.

In the Institute, Dr. DeWitt will unpack six leadership factors of Collaborative Leadership, painting a powerful scheme to meet stakeholders where they are, motivate stakeholders to strive for improvement and model how to do it. Participants will learn:

The definition and complexities of collaborative leadership

  • The 6 influences from Hattie’s research where they should focus
  • How to redesign structures they have in place to help them have deeper and more impactful conversations with teachers, students, and parents
  • How to increase their ability to identify effective strategies for improvement
  • How to build consistency in providing feedback to teachers based on a common set of agreed upon effective components of teaching
  • Several activities to use with their staff to elicit the teachers’ voice and input into coaching, thus increasing teachers’ investment
  • A deeper understanding of the Claims, Evidence, Impact, Judgment model for providing feedback to teachers
  • To share best practices and be a resource
Register for the webinar at this link.

For any other questions, contact Jim Verlengia, Ed.D., Director of Leadership Supports with Heartland AEA at jverlengia@heartlandaea.org or (515) 270-0405 ext. 14388.

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