Changes coming to Great Prairie AEA’s Professional Development & Licensure System

aea_vertical_color-2The state’s nine AEAs are coming together to create one statewide system for professional development and licensure. The new statewide system will offer: increased professional development opportunities, a statewide course catalog, one registrations system, and greater equity and consistency in programming. The new system, called “Performance Matters” is expected to “go live” in the spring of 2017.  

As part of this new state system, AEA’s have established a statewide participant fee structure that will go into effect January 1, 2017. There will be minimal changes for Great Prairie AEA participants. Courses requiring a paid instructor will move from a fee of $80.00 per credit hour to $85.00. Courses (district sponsored and/or GPAEA workshops) that do not require a paid instructor will decrease from $50.00 to $35.00 per credit hour. Though this appears to be a decrease in fees, Great Prairie has provided two credit hours at the price of one when there was no instructor cost. This will no longer be possible. Two credit hours will cost $35.00 per hour or a total of $70.00. Graduate credit is an additional cost depending upon the institution.

Participant fees for the Generalist Para-educator Certification courses will remain the same for Great Prairie participants. The fee is and will be $60.00 per credit hour ($120 per course) and $360 for the 3 course series needed for certification plus the cost of materials.

Compensation for instructors will increase from the current $600 per course to $750 for 10 to 15 students. Pay increases as enrollment increases.

Great Prairie AEA will share additional information as we get closer to the “go live” date for the new state professional development and licensure system.

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