Dyslexia Resources for Parents & Educators


A newly developed Google site and resources to support educators to serve students identified with dyslexia is available at https://sites.google.com/a/heartlandaea.org/dyslexia-resources/home and on gpaea.org.

The site includes information for both parents and educators.  Specifically, it includes information about the definition of dyslexia in the State of Iowa, a presentation for educators on dyslexia, a letter for parents about the services that LEAs and AEAs can provide for a student with reading concerns, and information about seeking a diagnosis.

These materials were developed on behalf of C4K to address a need in the system. These resources were identified/developed by an expert group and vetted by C4K Work Team Co-Chairs, AEA Educational Services Directors, AEA Special Education Directors, and AEA Media Directors. All of these materials should be used as part of a comprehensive reading program.

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