Summer Institute Series: Creating an Inclusive Environment with Explicit Instruction

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Join us for Great Prairie AEA’s 2016 Summer Institute where ALL educators will learn how to actively engage ALL learners. This 2 day institute will give general education and special education teachers tools to create an inclusive environment through the use of evidence-based practices in inclusion,assessment and feedback,explicit instruction and co-teaching.

Day 1: Creating Inclusive Schools and Classrooms While Embracing Higher Learning Standards for All
Dr. Lisa Dieker

This session will provide an overview of the 7 effective strategies for including students with disabilities in the general education setting grounded in the art and science of co-teaching. The day will focus on these practical strategies which can be used immediately: Celebrating all students Interdisciplinary collaboration Effective co-teaching Creating a school-wide culture for co-teaching and inclusion Active Learning Evidence-based strategies Grading and assessment

Day 2: Explicit Instruction
Michelle Deshler & Lori Hugen

This Summer Institute gives special and general education teachers the tools to implement Explicit Instruction in any grade level or content area. Participants will get an overview on lesson design and delivery using the 16 essential elements of explicit instruction. The 16 essential elements will enable educators to design and deliver lessons for teaching skills and strategies as well as lessons for vocabulary and concepts. Focus will also be on providing appropriate practice for newly learned skills. This will be a dynamic day of learning based off of Dr. Anita Archer’s work in Explicit Instruction.

Download: Explicit Instruction SI 2016 Flyer

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