2016-17 STEM Scale-Up Program Application Due March 1

Tami Plein and Rosemary Peck, GPAEA Science Specialists

Iowa STEM logoThe 2016-17 STEM Scale-Up Program Application is now open – deadline is March 1 at 5 PM.

As you consider applying for a Scale-Up program, remember Iowa has adopted NGSS Performance Expectations as grade specific K-8 and grade banded High School standards. While there are alignment documents that each program has submitted, you need to always be a critical consumer of all curricular materials. Our new Iowa Science Standards (NGSS) as still very new. Achieve and NSTA have said that nothing is 100% aligned with NGSS at this point in time.

Please spend some time familiarizing yourself with the conceptual and instructional shifts of the NGSS standards. Utilize the teachers/coaches in your district that have completed the State Science Standards Overview module and leverage their learning to help you determine the Scale-Up program’s alignment to our new state standards. Each program’s alignment document can be accessed by clicking on the Scale-Up program’s title from the Scale-Up Program Menu A one-page summary will open for that program and on that page will be a link to their alignment document.

A focus of state professional development next year will be the Science EQuIP rubric. This is a tool that will help educators evaluate lesson and unit alignment to our new standards. GPAEA Science Network 3 teachers have had some experience using the Science EQuIP rubric and can help guide alignment decisions. Curriculum work is always a work in progress and continued learning is needed for us to be able to implement these new standards.

’16-’17 Scale-Up Flyer

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