Congratulations to Our 2015 Retirees!

Congratulations and best wishes to our 2015 retirees! Thank you for your service to Great Prairie AEA as we strive to improve the learning and well-being of children and youth in southeast Iowa!

Tammie Allsup, Speech-Language Pathologist
Nancy Brown, Communication Specialist/Board Secretary/Administrative Assistant
Susan Nollsch, Early ACCESS Home-Interventionist
Mike Peters, School Social Worker
Ernie Ragen, Special Education Consultant
Kathie Stanton, Special Education Secretary
Kristin Steingreaber, Media Specialist
Althea Weems, Audiologist
Toni Welch, Teacher of Deaf/Hard of Hearing

GPAEA Schools in the News – June/July 2015

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Preparations for August 2015 Online Trainings from AEA PD Online

aeapdonlinelogo2013Here are some tips and tricks for districts to consider when planning their online trainings for their employees in 2015-2016.

  1. Encourage employees to take trainings earlier. If your district sends out a welcome-back to school letter in July to employees, encourage them then to take the trainings. July is a down time for usage of the server.
  2.  If you are having staff complete the training in August, avoid the heavy usage dates. To the right, you can see our projected usage chart for August, the darker the color, the heavier the usage.
  3. Avoid having your entire staff take the training at once. While this practice might be very convenient for the planning of pre-service days, it also greatly enhances your chances of hitting the cap, meaning some will be logged into the site and some will not. Plus, all the individuals from your school accessing the same training could impact your own district bandwidth, slowing down the experience as well.
  4. Target district inservice days throughout the school year. Waiting until your first early-out can save a lot of frustration for your teachers.

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