PD Opportunities – Summer 2015

Looking to update your professional development resume?  Check out classes coming this summer to an AEA office near you!  Course Catalog Link can be found at www.gpaea.org or by clicking HERE!  Start date is listed in parentheses.

This list is not all inclusive, but highlights some courses for the summer. Classes are being added on a daily basis! Please visit the course catalog for details!

Climate, Culture and Behavior

  • Check and Connect  (June 3)
  • Bullying Investigation Round 2 (June 1)
  • Human Relations (June 18)
  • A Behavior Tool Box for Your Classroom (June 18, July15)
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (start dates vary)

Early Childhood Highlights

  • Getting Started with Project Work “A Day of Learning and Observation” (June 5)
  • Re-Use it! Creating Art with Natural and Recycled Materials (June 15)

Iowa Core Highlights (Literacy, Math, Science, Writing)

  • UbD = Increasing Implementation of Quality Iowa Core (June 4 and June 11)
  • Building a Writing Toolkit (June 10, July 27, Aug. 3)
  • NGSS Science, Reading, Writing Integration for varying levels (start dates vary)
  • Iowa LETRS-  a variety of modules (start dates vary)
  • Science Fiction in the Classroom (June 22)
  • K-2 Counting and Cardinality/Operations and Algebraic Thinking (June 22)

Technology Highlights

  • Assistive Technology Summer Institute (June 2)
  • Communicating and Collaborating with Google Docs (June 4)
  • Self-Directed Professional Learning in Online Communities (June 9, June 24)
  • Pushing the Boundaries (July 6)
  • Mobile Devices in the Classroom:  Practicing the 4Cs (June 10, July 17, July 20)
  • Excel for Educators (June 29)
  • Google Training Levels 1-5 (start dates vary)
  • Tri-State Technology Boot Camp (July 30)

Vocational Education Highlights

  • Educators in the Workplace (June 22)
  • Teacher in the Workplace XVII (June 22)

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