GPAEA History Day Contest Results – April 14, 2015


Congratulations to Mt. Pleasant Middle School National Qualifying Team!
Shaleen Thiengmany, Erin Zihlman, and Abby Ryon

Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s Leadership and Legacy:
Changing the World’s View on the Mentally Disabled

Teacher: Jennifer Stater

Great Prairie AEA hosted a district History Day on April 14, 2015 in Fairfield. Congratulations to the following Junior & Senior division winners who will advance to State on Monday, May 4th at the Iowa Events Center. Learn more at

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Junior Paper

  • Katherine McLaughlin, The Grimm Legacy: Lessons, Adventures, and Magic,
    Sigourney Elementary School
  • Maddie Bemis, The Legacy of FDR, Pekin Community Schools

Junior Individual Exhibit

  • Jaden Davis, Dan Gable, Mt. Pleasant Middle School
  • Subrahmanyam Mullangi, Steve Jobs’ Vision and Passion, Aldo Leopold Middle School
  • Kjierstin Ridgway, The Greensboro Sit-in, Evans Middle School
  • Faith Roberts, The Mother of the Holocaust Children, Eddyville Elementary
  • Wyatt Brinegar, The Man Who Opened the Prairie, Eddyville Elementary

Junior Group Exhibit

  • Harper Fiske and Maya Gottshall, Dashrath Manjhi: The Man Who Carved Out A Mountain, Fairfield Middle School
  • Shaleen Thiengmany, Erin Zihlman, Abby Ryon, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Mt. Pleasant Middle School

Junior Individual Documentary

  • Alexis Cook, Dolly Parton: A Legacy in Country Music, Evans Middle School
  • Sam Nissen, How Adolf Hitler’s Leadership Took Poland, Pekin Community Schools

Junior Group Documentary

  • Bailee Bean and Kayleigh Sandegren, The Beatles; Leaving a Lasting Impact Across the Globe, Evans Middle School
  • Jonah Heckenberg and Ace Padget, Turning on the Light Bulb: The Thomas Edison Story, Van Buren Community Schools

Junior Individual Performance

  • Karryn Nickell, Jacqueline Cochran and the Legacy of the W.A.S.P.s , Wayne Community Schools
  • Callie Depriest, Carol Burnett: A Legacy of Comedy and Leader for All Women, Mt. Pleasant Middle School

Junior Group Performance

  • Devika Pharasi and Megan Higgins, Ella Fitzgerald: The Voice That Could Not Be Silenced, Fairfield Middle School
  • Sidney Morse and Corinne Donald, Helen Keller: Changing Lives of the Disabled, Sigourney Elementary School

Junior Individual Website

  • Anastasiea Chiperi, Ernesto Miranda: The Establishment of Individual Rights, Wayne Community Schools
  • Lis Glosser, The Great Mormon Move, Blakesburg Elementary

Junior Group Website

  • Philip Dunlap, Austin Derr, Dylan Marshall, Vladimir Lenin: The Rise of Communism, Keokuk Middle School
  • Maggie Myers and Catie Messer,Anna Etheridge Hooks: Her Civil War Leadership & Legacy She Left With Americans, Mediapolis Community School


Senior Paper

  • Courtney Dennis, The Leadership of Joan of Arc in the Hundred Years War and the Legacy She Created, Wayne Community Schools
  • Lane Kunzie, How Hitler Led the Holocaust Into a Repulsive Legacy Using His Proficient Leadership Skills, Wayne Community Schools

Senior Individual Exhibit

  • Ashley Lohmann, John Deere – Leader in Agriculture, Burlington Notre Dame
  • Holly Noneman, Arbor Day, Keokuk High School

Senior Group Exhibit

  • Andriah Rothschadl and Alexis Overstreet, The Wright Brothers-Journey to the First Flight, Harmony Community School District
  • Madaline Berg, Danielle Stout, Lily Hammes, Fight Like a Girl, Sigourney High School

Senior Individual Documentary

  • Sarah Huschak, The Fuhrer, Burlington High School
  • Thomas Stout, Billy Mills: The Long Distance Legacy of a Lakota, Sigourney High School

Senior Group Documentary

  • Bryce Waechter and Brooke Waechter, Some Gave All: The 5 Sullivan Brothers, Sigourney High School
  • Graden Carpenter and Avery Jorgensen, “Die Rosinebomber”: The Candy Bomber’s Mission of Goodwill, Wayne Community Schools

Senior Individual Website

  • Madeline Berner, Forevermore: Edgar Allan Poe’s Leadership and Legacy in the Literary World, Keokuk High School
  • Macey Goretska, Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Laying the Foundation for Women’s Rights, Wayne Community Schools

Senior Group Website

  • Ellen Mead, Trystan Sly, Madison Osborn, Sigmund Freud’s Study of Dreams and Consciousness, Burlington High School

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