AEA Staff Present at Mediapolis & Morning Sun Mini-Workshop

John Kerr, Mediapolis Curriculum Coordinator

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During the afternoon of January 28th, 5 AEA personnel came to Mediapolis CSD for an in-service for both the Mediapolis and Morning Sun districts. Administrative teams in both Mediapolis and Morning Sun are trying to practice what we are preaching to teachers. The in-service was an effort to have both districts go to a “mini-workshop” and have the opportunity to collaborate. We were trying something new, and the teachers were given choice on which presenters to see that day.

Lynn Selking, a math specialist, talked about “Online Math Tools and Games with a Purpose for K-12.” Seth Denney, a technology specialist, discussed “SketchUp”, a 3D-design tool for many different curricular areas. Liz Long, an ELA specialist, focused on “ELA High Leverage Practices for K-12 and AEA Resources.” Jane Trotter, a technology coach, worked on “Interactive Teaching Tools with Mimio Interactive Boards”. Jennifer Woodley, a communication specialist, discussed “Social Media Your Students Actually Use.”

Since there were a variety of topics, the learning could occur in finding out websites that would help them and their students, using technology that we have in the classrooms to better use, and finding out about technology that the students have and being aware of its positive and negative value.

The AEA presenters did an outstanding job with their presentations. A lot of the information was hands-on, so the teachers could try things out as it was being presented to them. The information was cross-curricular and could be viable for K-12 teachers.

In reflection, we will look at the time length for each presentation, technology used, possibly making it more focused on a particular area; like K-6 for one presentation, 7-12 for the second one.

We would like to thank the AEA for their flexibility, expertise, and their help in making this day happen.

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