Announcing First Year Implementation Grant for FOSS kit curriculum grades K-5

GPAEA and FOSS 3rd Edition 2015-16GPAEA is excited to announce that we are joining the Eastern Iowa Science Collaborative (EISC) in conjunction with the VAST Center (GWAEA) in Cedar Rapids. GPAEA is working with other AEAs of the EISC to provide school districts with access to efficient and effective science curriculum to maximize student-learning opportunities. The EISC is offering the Third Edition FOSS kit curriculum for implementation coordinated through the VAST Center.

GPAEA is offering a limited number of first year implementation grants that will provide the rental cost of one kit per teacher (approximately $175) up to $1050 limit per building for the first year of the building’s participation.  Applicants will be selected based on following factors: science proficiency data on Iowa Assessments, SINA/DINA and the district sustainability plan for FOSS kit curriculum.

Please see the attached information to learn about the new venture as well as summarized information and a link to learn more about the Third Edition FOSS kits.

If you have questions or would like a grant application email

GPAEA and FOSS 3rd Edition 2015-16

FOSS Highlights

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