Finding His Step… Aiden’s Story

by Deena Recker, Orientation Mobility Specialist

Using his AMD to find the door opening to class.

Using his AMD to find the door opening to class.

I am an Orientation and Mobility Specialist, working with GPAEA since August 2012. My role is to help our students who are experiencing reduced vision or no vision to understand the environment and learn how to move safely within it.

When I began working with Aiden he was 4 years old and not walking or crawling. He struggled to understand the world around him due to his lack of visual information. With the help of his IEP team and paraprofessional, Nancy, who faithfully follows the routines set for Aiden, he has learned to support his body weight using a stander, begin standing alone (with leg braces for support), then walking with support, and now he is able to walk independently and without braces. Using an Adaptive Mobility Device (AMD) and changing it as his abilities have grown, Aiden continues to make tremendous progress. Hopefully within the next year he will be ready to use a long cane for travel.

Aiden attends a regular education class and with the help of teachers, therapists and his paraprofessional, he is learning alongside his peers. The Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Lane Anthony, is instructing Aiden in Braille so he can learn to read and write without vision.

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4 thoughts on “Finding His Step… Aiden’s Story

  1. It is through the love and dedication of a lot of people in Aiden’s life that he has come as far as he has. However, I also see what a blessing Aiden is to everyone who works with him as well. I can say I am truly in awe when I see how loving and patient his paraprofessional, Nancy McClure, is with him. She truly cares, and goes above and beyond each day as she pushes him to successfully navigate his world. God bless!

  2. Aiden-Amanda and I are so proud of you! You always surpass all our goals. Nancy you have been a key to his success! It’s always a pleasure and we have a lot of fun w/ our PT sessions each time. Deena-thanks for all your hard work and ideas throughout the years that have helped the team!

  3. I drive Aiden to school. He has come a long way. I am so proud of him and all his accomplishments! Kudos to Nancy and the rest of the team that have worked hard to get him where he is today and to his awesome family!!! Love you Aiden:):)

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