Authenticate Your NBC Learn Teacher Account!

nbclearn_logo_k12_435x40NBC Learn is a subscription database provided to schools in Great Prairie AEA. Digital video can be used for analysis, researching background information or for writing prompts.

  1. Digital Content
  • Current Events, updated Monday – Friday, including live streaming of breaking news events
  • 17,000 broadcast-quality and Emmy-award winning stories….adding approximately 1,500 new stories per year
  • Historic, primary source footage that cannot be obtained anywhere else
  • Original series include “Writers Speak to Kids”, “Science of NFL Football” and “Science and Engineering of the 2014 Winter Olympics”
  1. Features
  • Emphasis on short video resources (one to six minutes) that  are engaging, relevant & inspiring, don’t consume precious class time, and help teachers draw connections to real-world applications
  • Unlimited accounts for teachers, students, and parents
  • Aligned to Iowa Common Core Standards
  • Section 508 certification for accessibility
  • The Cue Card Media Player includes full transcripts, closed captioning, sourcing information, clickable keywords
  • Use Online or download offline, home or in school
  • Ease of use – browsing and searching
  • Mobile compatible for iPads, iPhones, Android devices

To get started, authenticate your educator account. Easy steps are described here:

More on this resource at

Explore –

NBC Learn has so many learning resources related to Halloween, it’s scary! In our award-winning collection, Chemistry Now, students can learn about the chemical reactions behind three hallmarks of the fall season: fear, foliage, and everyone’s favorite treat, chocolate. The Chemistry of Fear and Fright illustrates how “fight or flight” responses rely on adrenaline and cortisol to send a shiver down our spines. The Chemistry of Changing Leaves reveals how the pigment molecule chlorophyll tints autumn leaves to a dazzling gold or a zesty red. And The Chemistry of Chocolate uses the process of chocolate-making to demonstrate chemical reactions like melting point and the formation of crystalline structures.

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