Leaving to Learn – Pathways to Success (Northwest Iowa AEA Leadership Academy)

The Met school in Providence, Rhode Island is a special place. Consistently recognized as one of the best, most innovative schools in the country, it and the other schools that are now part of the Big Picture Network are organized around several principles that make them very different places than most traditional schools:

  1. students work with adult, non-educator mentors to complete real-world projects;
  2. curricula, projects, use of time, and learning environments are personalized to students’ needs and interests;
  3. authentic assessments, not traditional tests or grading systems;
  4. advisory groups that actually work well and mean something;
  5. a focus on collaboration and teamwork;
  6. a college preparatory focus;
  7. a learning framework focused on empirical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, social reasoning, communication, and personal leadership

Elliot Washor, co-founder of Big Picture Learning and the Met School in Providence, Rhode Island, and Carlos Morena, CARLOS MORENO, national director of Big Picture Learning, will lead a full-day session on student engagement. This learning is planned from 9 a.m-3 p.m. Oct. 21 at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake.  Many of these principles are ones that we are trying to make happen in our own schools here in Iowa and around the country. We have some spots for others to join us for this powerful day of thinking and learning.

Register at http://bit.ly/leavingtolearn

The dissemination of information from external organizations by Great Prairie AEA does not infer sponsorship or endorsement of the information. It is being passed on to our stakeholders for its educational value.

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