6th Grade Math Bee Results 2014

The Great Prairie AEA Sixth Grade Math Bee was held Tuesday April 8, 2014 at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center in Fairfield, Iowa.  The event involved 52 teams from 18 public school districts and 2 private schools within the Great Prairie AEA region. There were 231 students participating on the building level teams including their team alternates.  The test covers six different areas: The Number System; Expressions and Equations; Geometry; Statistics and Probability; Ratio, Proportion and Percent; and a Team Problem Solving Round. The test areas changed slightly to reflect the change in the Iowa Core for Mathematics.

Top Individual Winners

The Top 3 Individuals will advance to State.

The Top 3 Individuals will advance to State.

  1. Drake Smith – Danville Elementary
  2. Aaron Blom – Oskaloosa Middle
  3. Vanessa Hupp – Central Lee Middle
  4. Wyatt Hellman – Holy Trinity Elementary
  5. Travis Massner – Mediapolis Middle/High
  6. Shanna Fellows – Eddyville Elementary Attendance
  7. Maggie Cristoforo – Mt. Pleasant Middle
  8. McCain Oden – Lakeview Elementary
  9. Samantha Pothitakis – Holy Trinity Elementary
  10. Miguel Trejo – Holy Trinity Elementary
  11. River Campbell – Oskaloosa Middle

Each AEA in Iowa sends the top 10% of their competing teams to the State Competition. The State Sixth Grade Math Bee is scheduled May 2, 2014 and will be held in Fort Dodge.

The six teams from Great Prairie AEA eligible to participate in the 2014 State Sixth Grade Math Bee include:  1st place team from Danville Elementary School, 2nd place team from Holy Trinity Catholic, 3rd place team from Centerville Community School, and State Qualifiers from Mt Pleasant Middle School, Eddyville Blakesburg Fremont, and Danville Elementary School.

Students receiving perfect scores on at least one round are Drake Smith and Aaron Blom.

Top 6 Teams 

Danville Elementary (Danville)
Teacher: Terri Holtkamp

  • Drake Smith
  • Ellie Smith
  • Isabella Smith
  • Style Haeffner

Holy Trinity Elementary (Fort Madison)
Teacher: Sharon Groene

  • Wyatt Hellman
  • Samantha Pothitakis
  • Miguel Trejo
  • Hollie Burford

Lakeview Elementary (Centerville)
Teacher: Diane Mueller

  • Patton Oehler
  • Kolby Micetich
  • McCain Oden
  • Cade Lechtenberg
  • Sam Rigler

Mt. Pleasant Middle (Mt. Pleasant)
Teacher: Sydni Reynolds

  • Donovan Arledge
  • Maggie Cristoforo
  • Abigail Ryon
  • Claire Holtkamp

Eddyville Elementary Attendance Center (Eddyville)
Teacher: Donna Bohlmann

  • Shanna Fellows
  • Logan McCrea
  • Emma Mock
  • Eric Schutt

Danville Elementary (Danville)
Teacher: Terri Holtkamp

  • Kaley Eisenmann
  • Rebecca Chase
  • Caden Boyles
  • Ashlyn Miller

Congratulations to our winning individuals and teams! Good Luck at State!

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