Choose your ebook option!

Kristen Steingreaber, Media Specialist

AEADigitalLibrary ‐ professional ebook!

Teacher and schoolgirl studying in front of a school computerADL is part of Iowa AEA Online and has recently added the ebook ‐


  • Teachers have individual account. Ask us –
  • Students use District username/password

More at‐ADL

Gale Professional ebooks for GPAEA teachers!

Gale Virtual Reference Library is also linked through the SNAP catalog.

  • Over 100 ASCD and ISTE titles
  • USA – Unlimited Simultaneous Access
  • Separate password required.

SNAP ebooks from GPAEA Media!

SNAP ebooks from Rosen Digital publishers:

  • PowerKids
  • Gareth Stevens
  • Rosen
  • Britannica
  • Windmill

Additional SNAP ebooks publishers:

  • Heinemann
  • Capstone

SNAP ebooks ‐

  • Primarily K‐8 to date / More being added
  • Nonfiction
  • Some interactive
  • Some bilingual / Spanish – English
  • All USA – Unlimited Simultaneous Access
  • Teaching with interactive whiteboard


  • Students use District accounts
  • Teachers use individual SNAP account

Over 100 series! See PDF for sample list.

Follett Shelf teen ebooks!

Follett Shelf ebooks from GPAEA Media:

  • Primarily 7‐12
  • Teen Fiction / Few teen nonfiction ‐ poetry
  • Single copy access
  • English
  • App available – Follett Enlight


See the Fiction list at

OneClickDigital just added Classic ebooks!

OneClickDigital (audio books) have now added ebooks:

  • Primarily 7‐12
  • 94 Classics
  • All USA – Unlimited Simultaneous Access
  • OneClickDigital eReader App available – (will also need Adobe Digital Editions)


BookFlix and TrueFlix online database with ebooks!

BookFlix and TrueFlix are part of Iowa AEA Online

  • BookFlix – PreK‐3 – pairs Weston Woods video of picture book with nonfiction ebook
  • TrueFlix – 4th‐6th grade – pairs introductory video clip with nonfiction ebook covering

Regions of the U.S., Science and Social Studies topics

  • English / Few are available in Spanish in BookFlix
  • App available – Follett Enlight


Rosen CyberSmarts and Teen CyberSmarts online databases are ebooks!

  • CyberSmarts – grades 3‐6 ‐ provided by GPAEA Media
  • Teen CyberSmarts – grades 6 – 9 – provided by GPAEA Media
  • Teaching: online safety, social networking, stopping cyberbullying, privacy online & games online


Download this quick reference PDF:

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