AEAs on Air – hangout and learn

aea_final2_C6A2E8EA1554FIowa’s AEAs are teaming up to provide a series of mini-webinars this year.  A shout-out to all AEA technology integration consultants who are providing leadership and making this happen!

These short sessions will run at various times throughout the day and will cover the topics around themes: English Language Arts, STEM, Digital Learning Day: Resources for MTSS/TRI, iPads. These Google Hangouts on Air will only be 10-20 minutes and run throughout the day. Visit the website to check out the hangout schedule! The hangouts will be recorded and posted on the page with resources so if you can’t attend live you can always go back and watch later.


  • November 7 – English/ Language Arts
  • December 13 – STEM
  • February 5 – Digital Learning Day! Resources to support MTSS/RTI
  • April 3 – Happy Birthday iPad!

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