Great Prairie AEA Earns Full Accreditation From State Board of Education

Children giving thumbs up signGreat Prairie AEA is pleased to announce that it has earned continued full accreditation from the Iowa State Board of Education.

At the Iowa Board of Education meeting on September 26, 2013, President Rosie Hussey stated, “we rely on the AEAs for helping to carry out our state priorities in education.” Board member Diane Crookham-Johnson added, “[AEAs] provide a very important safety net to young children and the families of young children in Iowa.”

Great Prairie AEA fully met all 9 standards for Iowa’s AEAs and received no non-compliance ratings. Iowa’s nine AEAs receive accreditation site visits every five years.

“Our staff members and school districts have a high level of commitment to achieving positive outcomes for students,” commented Dr. Jon Sheldahl, Chief Administrator. “It is evident in our accreditation report that through hard work and collaboration, we are meeting challenges and finding success.”

The Department’s report states, “Iowa’s AEAs are a critical part of the support structure for schools and ultimately for children. With so much at stake, maintaining high standards or quality in programs and services is a top priority.”

The accreditation team identified a number of strengths of the agency in its report, which included:

  • Unifying the Agency
  • Determining LEA Needs
  • Increased Use of Agency Services
  • Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS)

The overall report identifies strengths the agency has exhibited in each of the standards for which the AEA is evaluated. It also makes recommendations for possible improvements the agency may wish to implement. Click here to download the entire accreditation report.

Thank you to our district/school staff who provided feedback to the Department about our programs and services. We appreciate the time they took out of their busy schedules to assist us in our accreditation process. Also, thank you to our Board of Directors for their support: Dr. Joy Prothero, Board President, Victoria Stephenson, Vice President, Marge Wilhelm, Melissa Ballard, Matt Greiner, John Adam, Lonny Morrow, Joyce Wauters, and Himar Hernandez.

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