GPAEA Schools receiving a 2013-2014 STEM Scale-Up Program Announced

In June the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council released the list of schools that will receive a STEM Scale-Up Programs in 2013-2014 including 34 schools in GPAEA. These schools join the 73 GPAEA schools that received a Scale-Up Program during the 2012-13 school year.

According to the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, “This is the second year this ambitious scale-up model has been implemented in Iowa to disseminate STEM programs to all areas of the state. By researching numerous successful STEM programs, nine STEM education programs were selected by an expert review panel based on demonstrated success in increasing student interest and achievement in STEM and the flexibility to be implemented in any size community.”

We will be running articles to showcase all Scale-Up programs 2012/13 and 2013/14 in future Cornerstone Issues. If you have pictures and stories of your implementation of the programs, contact Rosemary Peck (

Congratulations to all GPAEA schools that received a Scale-Up Program.

A complete listing of schools receiving a Scale-Up Project for 2013-14 can be accessed at:

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