GPAEA Launches New Website & Mobile Site

UPDATE – Website will go live tomorrow, Tuesday, September 24.

Great Prairie AEA is excited to announce the launch of a new website and mobile edition on Monday, September 23 Tuesday, September 24.

GPAEA WebsiteOver the past few months our communications department has been working with Global Reach, a web design company from Ames, to update and make the new site more user-friendly with improved navigation.

Main Navigation:

  • About Us
  • Services
  • Professional Development
  • Special Education
  • Schools

Quick Links (located at very top of page):

  • Calendar
  • Directory
  • Staff
  • Careers
  • Contact

Click here for a sneak peek of the new site:

Mobile Site

screenshotMobile sites are very similar to an “app.” The main difference being that a mobile site does not require a download onto a mobile device. When a user visits the website from a mobile device they are automatically directed to the mobile version.

Mobile sites offer users quick links to find information they may be looking for. They are meant to be a scaled down version of the full website. This allows users to more easily navigate the website on their mobile device. Users will still be able to access the full version of the website from a mobile device by clicking the “Exit Mobile” link at the bottom of their screen.

Great Prairie AEA’s Mobile Site includes the following:

  • Directory – Contact information for AEA Staff & local districts
  • Events – A calendar of events in AEA offices
  • News – Recent News in GPAEA & education
  • PD Catalog – Links to our catalog and Professional Development information
  • Media Library – Links to our digital databases and other media resources

Click here to see the Mobile Site on your Computer or device:

Download a GPAEA Website Cheat Sheet

GPAEA Website:

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