Great Prairie AEA Summer Courses 2013

Leaders In A MeetingGreat Prairie AEA is offering many new professional development classes this summer!  We are also offering many popular returning courses.  Below is a PDF of Professional Development Summer Courses.  Please share it with your colleagues.

The PDF has classes organized by subject/content so classes can be more easily browsed.  The PDF is hyperlinked to the My Learning Plan (MLP) postings!  Click the title of the course, or if there are multiple sessions, click Session 1 or Session 2.  The cursor will change to a hand when it is over the linked words.

Classes will be starting soon!  The deadline for minimum enrollment for classes is typically 1 week before the class begins.

Classes are added to the online course catalog (MLP) as they are approved.  So the online catalog will have the most current listings.  Please note the PDF does not have district specific classes listed.  Registration will still need to be done online through MLP.

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