My PLN Journey… (Part 2)

 Lisa Jacobs, GPAEA Technology Specialist

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the shared document about your own PLN journey.  It was a great experience to request and receive input from Cornerstone readers and my own PLN group.  You can click on this link to see the actual responses:  Shared PLN Google Document.

A few highlights:

Lisa Jacobs – (GPAEA Instructional Technology Specialist)  A smart phone makes connecting to my PLN much easier- no passwords to remember as you are always connected to email, twitter, facebook, etc.

Sharon Padget (Science Teacher, Ottumwa) Twitter has connected me with so many wonderful people with some of the  best resources.  I have more help than I ever thought possible especially when it comes to gifted kids, special needs kids and ELL kids I believe it has made me a better teacher.

Fran McVeigh (GPAEA Literacy Specialist) About two years ago, I found the group #educoach.  This PLN has the answer to my questions! II finally began blogging at and have had over 2200 readers in six months…

Joel Pedersen (Superintendent, Cardinal CSD) I started to join different chats especially #iaedchat every Sunday night. I have found that Twitter is the main place I go for information on school leadership topics.  I am encouraging everyone in my district to engage and learn more about the power of PLNs. PLNs are truly a “game changer” in my opinion.

Kristin Steingreaber (GPAEA Media Specialist) I’ve been blogging since 2009 at …I follow teacher librarians around Iowa use  #tlchat and I specifically get inspired by Kathy Kaldenberg, a good friend and terrific librarian at Solon – @scsdmedia and of course, national library leader –  Joyce Valenza.  I participate in TLChat once a month. Using online webinars as a way to do PD this year and it’s been working very well with FreeScreenShare. I get a lot of good ideas from Wes Fryer – @wfryer and I often tune in to presentations he is doing around the country, because he’s so good about making them accessible long distance!  (read more from Kris on the shared google site).

Susan Kientz (GPAEA Instructional Technology Coach) My personal PLN (Professional Learning Network)  journey began with the book “Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful Web tools for classrooms” by Will Richardson. … In my personal learning network I follow a variety of people with  many different ideas about how technology should used in the classroom.  I don’t always agree with everything I read but it does open the way to thinking about technology in different way.  One blog I follow is called Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Bryne.  He presents 7 to 8  different web based tools to use in the classroom each day.  He not only tells me about the resource but he also includes a paragraph about how he sees it being used in  classroom…

Lynn Selking (GPAEA Mathematics Specialist) I relax with my Scoop.It. I have found so many interesting things on here.

Jessie Greiner (2nd Grade, Cardinal) Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook are my three go tos for my PLN!  Twitter: I started by following a couple of key people who tweeted a lot:  @shannonmiller, @mcleod, and @sbehmer. I followed the people that they followed, plus people I already had in my PLN and I am now following 595 people.  I also set up my Tweetdeck with the hashtags that were most popular.  Now I am able to look for specific hashtags to accommodate what I am needing. Some of my favorite hashtags to follow are: #edchat, #cardinalcomets, #mysteryskype, #skypeintheclassroom, #elemchat, #2ndchat, #edtech and #1to1.  Tweetdeck made a huge difference in my PLN and has helped keep me organized! I find most of my ideas and websites on Twitter, plus it is a great place for me to share with others things I am doing as well.  Pinterest is also a great place to get and give ideas to my PLN.

Sheila Fetter (Cardinal Middle School) One of the first electronic PLN’s I experienced, was  One middle school teacher would create a shared document that we could all access.  It’s let us plan things together, add ideas, etc without all having to be there at the same time.  It accomodated coaching schedules, family schedules, etc.  We now also use it to discuss issues, share information.  Pinterest has become a great place to get ideas both professionally for my classroom and personally for home ideas.I have just recently started tapping into Twitter..

You can click on this link to see the actual responses:  Shared PLN Google Document. The shared document is still open if you want to contribute your own PLN experiences.

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