Off the Press – Cut Out Shapes, Fonts and Collections

Bring your lessons to life by creating visually enriching and hands-on learning experiences. 

Cut Out Shapes, Fonts and Collections 

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The GPAEA Print/Production department can electronically cut letters, numbers, manipulatives, shapes and bulletin board collections and enhance your classroom activities. These computer-generated designs replace a much older hand-cut lettering and design process. We have access to more than 4,600 shapes, 18 fonts and 228 bulletin board collections – all scalable from 1” to 17’-1/2” in size to meet your needs!  Choose a shape from our vast library of electronic dies and then order the size or multiple sizes needed for different educational applications. This new system allows for greater flexibility, end-product scalability, and can provide modernized system of designs that supports teaching and learning. This system can be used to support the creation of cutouts, word walls, manipulatives, story boards – all of which support your initiatives to improve reading, math and science across the curriculum.

  • Shapes: Cutouts for manipulatives and displays
  • Fonts: Letters, numbers and symbols, Letters can be typed out in connected words or separate to form different words
  • Collections: Groupings of related shapes for curriculum activities, bulletin boards, crafts and more

For a visual catalog of the shapes, fonts and collections available, visit:

There are many ways to search what you are looking for once at this web site.

SEA244-Frog 1If you have any questions, contact the print/production department for further information at ext. 1144 or email

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