Use Atomic Learning to plan your Professional Development

Kristin Steingreaber, GPAEA Media Specialist

logo_atomic_learningAtomic Learning, not only available as an App, also provides you with planning and ongoing questions and strategies for new mobile environments.  An added feature, Mobile Learning  includes two sections:

1.  The Logistics Planner helps districts plan and grow as a mobile environment.

A range of questions are linked to video clips.  There are eight topics including:

  • Infrastructure / Models (from Bring your own to 1:1)
    Do you have the wireless infrastructure to support a successful implementation?  Will you have a separate network for student devices to ensure staff devices have adequate bandwidth?
  • Mobile Device comparisons / Mobile Management
  • Mobile Device accounts / App purchasing
    Will students need their own email, iTunes or other online account?
  • Policy / Implementation
    The sample personal device matrix is very helpful.
    Ongoing plans for staff professional development?

2.   The Adapting a lesson PD workbook provides a template for teachers, based on backwards design, to move from standards to how and when mobile devices will be needed.

  • What role will they play in instruction?  What am I doing to help my students be successful?  How am I going to teach this concept?
  • A very simple point, but important – How will you deliver materials to students and how will they turn in their work?
  • Is this a better lesson than when you started?

All of the Atomic Learning questions and videos can be used in your schools’ professional development next year.  Please contact me for ideas on implementation.

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