Use Your Data: Contact a CSIS

Did you know your district has a Comprehensive School Improvement Specialist (CSIS)? When Great Prairie AEA reorganized into three regions, with two regional directors each, a comprehensive school improvement specialist (CSIS) was also added. The CSIS will assist Great Prairie AEA and local schools in using data for decision-making, in order to improve student achievement.

Contact your Comprehensive School Improvement Specialists (CSIS) for:

  • RTI (assessment literacy)
  • Data Teams: AEA and LEA
  • Problem-Solving (Systemic to Individual level)
  • Assessment Literacy: measures and analysis
  • School Improvement: data map, pd plan, attend leadership meetings (with regional)

In addition to supporting data teams, each CSIS has additional areas of expertise. Please see below for contact information and areas of focus:

East Region
Evan McCormick
800-382-7980 ext. 1298
EdInsight, Heart, & SINA/DINA

Central Region
Cory Johnson
800-382-8970 ext. 3035

West Region
Jennifer Adams
800-622-0027 ext. 5341
I-Star/Spec Ed Compliance (File reviews, Corrective Action Plans, Prong 2, Spec Ed procedures and law), Child Find, Curriculum based/functional assessment, DIBELS, AIMSweb, State Performance Plans

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