Level 1 Investigator Changes

Iowa Code Section 280.17 requires all public and non-public schools to annually appoint a Level 1 investigator and alternate to investigate complaints regarding abuse of students by school employees and volunteers.  The board-appointed Level 1 investigator and at least one alternate are to be posted with their phone numbers in every room of the building.  Investigators and alternates are to be trained upon initial appointment and then once every five years thereafter.  The training is to familiarize designated individuals with their roles, rules, procedures, and required timelines for action.
The delivery of training for Level 1 Investigators is changing this year, from the ICN to a self-paced activity online.  This training will be available for participants on Monday, September 24.  The training consists of videos, case study scenarios, and online lessons to help meet the above objectives.  Also, individuals will have access to the necessary materials, such as the Chapter 102 Level 1 Investigators Manual (Blue Book – Revised January 2011).
There is no fee required to attend.  To access the training, you must:
  1. Go to http://moodlesw.aeapdonline.org/course/view.php?id=116  (this won’t be available before September 24).
  2.  Login with your statewide Moodle username and password
*Please note, this is on our new statewide server, Moodle version 2.0.  Since we have not completed a full migration from our old server, you will need to make a new username and password if you have not previously logged into the new server.  To do so, from the link above:
  • Click “Create a New Account” on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter a username, password, full name, city, and email address, and then select your country.
  • Click “Create My New Account”.
  • A verification email will be sent to you (you might want to check your spam filter/folder if you don’t receive it). Click on the link in the email to verify.
If you have difficulty logging in to the Moodle server, please contact AEA PD Online at 1-800-255-0405 x14668.

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