You Have Options with GPAEA Media!

With Great Prairie AEA’s Media Center YOU have options! We provide print and digital content in an assortment of mediums, ranging from K-12 books, audio books, professional books and materials, journals and videos.

Using SNAP, our online catalog, educators can reserve media items for delivery throughout the school year. Orders should be placed at least a week in advance. The AEA provides weekly van delivery to public and accredited nonpublic schools. Check with your van contact or the AEA media site for van schedules.

Educators are provided a member username/password by the Media Center. Contact us directly at or phone 800-622-0027 x5264 with any questions.

K-12 Print: 

  • Trade/Library books (thousands of titles with multiple copies – both fiction and nonfiction)
  • Audio Books (including the new Playaways – preloaded audio players)
  • Boxed Book sets (up to ten copies of a single title)
  • Big Books (over 600 different titles)
  • Checkout period of six weeks.

K-12 Non-print: 

  • Study kits/Multi-media (1000 different items including history, science and literacy book props)
  • Assistive Tech resources
  • Checkout period of two weeks.

Professional materials:

  • Journals (over 60 print journals)
  • Professional Books
  • Professional Non-print including DVD, Audio and Video

Digital Video: 

  • Over 500 titles from independent producers are available using our TOMMs player in SNAP. Educators can stream or download content from this GPAEA Digital Video Collection.
  • Learn360 digital video can be searched through the SNAP catalog, as well.
  • NBC Learn

Digital Audio: 

  • Downloadable audio books from Recorded Books can be downloaded to Mp4 players or listened to via the computer and SNAP.
  • Learn360 digital audio clips (music, speeches) can be searched through the SNAP catalog, as well.

Digital Images: 

  • Learn360 digital images can be searched through the SNAP media catalog.


  • Simultaneous, multi-user access to eBooks – K-12 science / history titles. Search through SNAP.

K-12 Online Databases:

Students are provided username/password access for these subscription online databases. All available at school, at home or anywhere else they may have access to the Internet. Check with your teacher librarian or the AEA Media Center for more information.

Iowa AEA Online:

Funded by Iowa’s Area Education Agencies for K-12 students, the following online databases are available from the IAO site –

  • AEA Digital Library – Iowa’s Area Education Agencies are pleased to offer you access to a growing collection of K-12+ educational digital media resources.
  • AP Images – You and your students have access to over two million contemporary or historical photographs and images dating back to 1826 up to minutes ago from Associated Press photographers.
  • Atomic Learning –Video clip tutorials cover hundreds of software & web2.0 products. Atomic Learning’s 21st Century Skills Collection includes professional development resources and curriculum materials to empower educators to integrate 21st century skills into the classroom. Educator accounts have been provided for teachers.
  • BookFlix – Interactive literacy resource pairs classic fictional video storybooks from Weston Woods with nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic to reinforce reading skills and develop essential real-world knowledge and understanding.
  • Britannica Digital Learning – A suite of encyclopedia databases for K-12 students.
  • CultureGrams – Cultural and statistical snapshots of every country recognized by the United Nations — from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
  • iClipart for Schools – Access over 7 million clipart images and fonts
  • Gale-Cengage Learning – A series of journal databases including Academic One File for educators’ professional use and multiple options for students including: General One File, InfoTrac Student Edition, Health and Wellness Resource Center, InfoTrac Junior Edition, Kids InfoBits
  • Learn360 – Top educational publishers include A&E/History/Bio, PBS, National Geographic, Sunburst Visual Media, Reading Rainbow, Britannica Concise Encyclopedia and many more. The videos are also searchable through SNAP, the AEA online media catalog. Educator accounts are provided with access to playlists and slideshow resources.
  • SIRS Issues Researcher – Relevant, credible resources aligned to learning standards that tell the whole story on the major issues of the day.
  • Soundzabound – Download copyright free music tracks that your students can use in developing podcasts, blogs and presentations.
  • Teen Health & Wellness – This award-winning resource provides students with non-judgmental, straightforward, standards-aligned, curricular and self-help support.

Additional GPAEA Online Database:

Funded by Great Prairie AEA for K-12 students, the following online database is also available from the AEA Media page:

  • PowerKnowledge – Life Science (3-8)
  • PowerKnowledge – Earth & Space (3-8)
  • PowerKnowledge – Physical Science (3-8) 
  • CyberSmarts (3-7) 
  • CQ Researcher
  • Visual Thesaurus
  • OneClickDigital (downloadable teen audio books)

Download a copy of “You Have Options”

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